Service Dogs as Partners

We're Hoping to provide a service to enlighten you about what Service dogs do & what amazing animals they are.

We hope you'll find tips & info where to go for help. We also do demonstrations. public speaking & discuss laws that govern Service Dogs & Business.

Over the years we had the need to research information which related to Service Dogs.  This site is the result of it. We would like to share that information with you, as well as some of our brags, & the personal side of our lives.

Because we are retired & travel extensively, we constantly find ourselves being “Good Will Ambassadors” for Service Dogs & the people that use them.

Have you ever wondered.... “What’s that dog doing in THIS establishment?!”  We’re here to answer that question. We offer demonstrations & lectures to answer questions & explain what these dogs responsibilities are to their partners, the public, & to YOU.  (It's FREE)

     Business, schools, churches, libraries, clubs, etc....call Richard at 281 831-6670 or email Judy@Jarvis.net

Meet the Girls

SERVICE DOGS The following are videos that give you an idea that these people need dogs for what you can see or what you CAN NOT SEE (or understand):

I recently receive an email from a group of kids who took the time to research Service Dogs. Their search started coming up with even more info than my site. The kids thought it'd be a brilliant idea to send me a page they found:


They figured it'd be a great learning page to add to my other resource. They were RIGHT, there is a wealth of knowledge there. Thanks to Courtney & her after school care program “Kids”. 4/2015 HIGH FIVE to them.

Thanks,  Judy, KoKo, PB, & Flbll


In this whole web site I have never spoken about physical therapy for your canine. This is just as important to help your canine be of benefit to you, & what you do. Even my own dog is in therapy. She gets regular massages & cold laser treatments from Jan Robinson from FitWoof. Adjustments & swimming when possible. I do stretches with her & lots of walks. I even have FitPaws equipment which we use to keep her limber. She also wears a Back on Track jacket to keep her limber. We also play Flyball.

This lack of this informations was brought to my attention by Sara one of the kids in an after school youth group. She researched & found a great resource on physical therapy for pets:


Not only is my dogs exercise regiment good for her (it also makes me do more too).

I watch her weight, feed good food (preferable Raw), Vitamins, Oil, & joint supplements,etc.

Thanks to the readers who help me keep you all better informed.  Judy

PS Thanks Sara.


IAADP International Assoc of Assistance Dog Partners

A non-profit, cross-disability organization representing people partnered with guide, hearing and service dogs.

I can’t stress enough they are one of the largest supporter for the Disabled & for Service Dogs. They can use our help. Please donate to them.

Go to their web site, it is a no frills site with LOTS of INFORMATION.

Also if you shop on line & would be willing to take the time to go through iGive  the company will donate a percentage to IAADP without costing to anything. Please check it out. Every penny helps.  


Support IAADP by shopping at:


Assessing a dog to become a Service Dog

(how to find one, what to do, & who you should seek help from) click here.

Looking for a service dog. Can’t afford one. Spend the time to hear what Joan at IAADP recommends:

This is just the tip of the iceburg. Just go to You Tube & look for various videos about various Service dogs

Before we delbe into SERVICE DOGS I believe it important to understand what Dogs are & can be trained to do.You need to go here first to understand what is a Therapy dog, Search & Rescue Dog, K9 Police Dog etc. Please go to this web site to understand what these dogs do & the rights of the people that work with them. For example, a Therapy Dog can go to hospitals to comfort patients BUT are not service dogs — and are not protected by the ADA. See the rest at....http://www.petful.com/service-animal/service-dog-vs-therapy-dog-vs-working-dog/