Who’s your Groomer?

So many people are surprised to see a "Standard Poodle" everyone is so use to the small ones. Standard Poodles are $$$$$ to have groomed. When I got Koz, Prestonwood took the time to teach me the basics of grooming a poodle. I spent  10 hrs the first time I did him. So I decided to take him to be groomed....$160. later I was given a choice by my husband, “It’s You or the dog that gets to go to the beauty parlor.” I LEARNED very quickly how to clip that dog!  He didn’t mind the mistakes & besides that, it grows back!  Koko was my victim. Then then PB has come ito play & now Flbll.

This is the best book to learn how’s of grooming a standard poodle.    

The book costs about $20. (That’s how I learned).


Take it step by step. Your are not a professional BUT you do need the RIGHT equipment to do the job. Your kitchen scissors will NOT DO!

Read the book, it helps.

My scissors were Mink 10” curved & 10” straight. I paid about $50 each. I have them sharpened once a year at the Houston Reliant Dog Show* I bought them from the Mink gentleman that sharpens them at the show. I asked him which ones I should buy & his recommendation was on the money.

Your equipment is up to you. I probably have about $1,500. into it over a 3 yr period (don’t tell hubby that).

But it’s still worth it, because I groom her ever 2 wks Oh, it only takes me 2 to 3 hrs now (that does include the bath & drying).

(*The Reliant Houston TX Dog show is every year mid July).

THE CUT DOES NOT THE DOG MAKE....The cut should complement & MAKE the dog.

If you haven’t heard about it yet; Blue Ear Treatment,  what is it? This is a home remedy to help with ears. Check it out for, cleaning, infection, mites, etc. a Home Remedy which may save you $$$$. BUT remember DO NOT let your ear problems go untreated (or not cured) too long or you’ll have a deaf dog!

UPDATE 9/2011:

People have been asking me some questions. Here are some of them:


I have come across the most wonderful products by,  .Chris Christensen I have used Spectrum One ,Substance Builder, & Conditioner.& now use their Pro-Line Fair Advantage Shampoo .You would not believe the results. My Dogs are in full coat & stay that way for more then 8 days+ (with a quick brushing their coats come back like they had just been bathed). Soft like angora. No flyaway ears. You need to check it out for yourselves. I never would have believed it. A MUST TO TRY & BUY. They also have other products for other dogs as well. i have now tried their comb & brushes (see brush update below),I was surprised what a diffeence they make , you might consider them.

Brushes, Combs, rakes,etc search & find what you like.

Find scissors which will suite you. BUT do not skimp on the $$$$. You'll be glad you didn't.

I’m am already looking forward to going to the Houston Dog Show next year. I’ll need to do MORE shopping (isn’t that what girls to do). I’ve got a great partner, she won’t tell what I spent or what I buy.

She’ll  eat the evidence before we make it home.

All kidding aside, our service dogs are on strict diets, including the treats. I make my own.

Just one of her favorites is posted on my Blog They’re easy to make, health, & cheap! ALSO new recipe for peanut treats gluten free & alternatives for people with peanut allergies.